Magus International Legal Office

Test Lab

Magus International Legal Office has a test lab to contribute to product safety, and conducts various compliance tests, pre-tests, etc. on products received from clients, including self-inspections based on the PSE (Japan Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act) and import inspections based on Japan Food Sanitation Act.

Testing equipment in the attached test lab (a part of it)
Testing equipment in the attached test lab (a part of it)

Magus International Legal Office's test lab is equipped with testing and measuring instruments that are not commonly used in general law firm, such as insulation resistance testing equipment and oscilloscopes, to provide technical testing on the performance and safety of various products, such as white goods, cooking appliances, communication devices, medical devices, toys, and their prototypes.

As part of our daily efforts, we are working to improve the operability of our testing facilities so that our clients who develop various products can utilize the attached test lab and conduct testing smoothly. We also dispatch our staff to national research / development institutes and laboratories to improve our technical capabilities.