Magus Consulting and International Legal Office


Even if the type of cargo is subject to export regulations, an export license is not required if any of the following exception is applied.

■ Freight such as fuel and rope used on certain ships or aircraft

■ On-board cargo that secures arrival and departure of aircraft, etc. that requires repair or replacement

■Goods sent by international organizations that are exempt from regulations by convention, etc.

■Official cargo to be sent to Japanese embassies, etc.

■ Free exception

- Freight that is imported free of charge and returned free of charge
- Freight to be imported free of charge at a later date and exported free of charge

■ Small amount exception

- Within a certain range of cargo, those below a certain price determined for each type of cargo.
- Items and countries matrix is as follows:

■ Partial product exception

- When a regulated cargo is incorporated as a small part of the cargo to be exported
- If the list control parts is incorporated less than 10% price ratio, it is treated as non-list control cargo or parts.
(market price of list controlled parts which is incorporated in a cargo) / (market price ofcargo at the time of initial manufactured) = <10%

- When a computer is incorporated into a machine, and also the computer price is not exceeding to 35% of the machine price, the computer is not regulated even it is exceed the list control specifications.
(market price of list controlled computer which is incorporated in a cargo)/(market priceof cargo at the time of initial manufactured)=<35%