Magus International Legal Office

About us

Magus International Legal Office is a law firm that helps clients deal with Japanese laws regarding trade or technology, with offices in Tokyo and Osaka.

We provide a variety of legal services to companies wishing to export goods to Japan and to know about Japanese laws and regulations.

Magus International Legal Office is a member of GYOSEI SHOSHI which is certified by Japanese law to make legal documents to submit to Japanese government, city government, Ministry, or other public organizations.

We would like to support all the people who wants to have business with Japanese or in Japan. If you face some problem about legal issue to make a company in Japan, trade with Japanese companies, stay in Japan, or visit Japan.

Any problem especially procedures are welcome. Please feel free to ask us.

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15/12/2014 : EIL International Legal Office, which later became the parent of Magus International Legal Office, was established in Osaka.

1/5/2018 : Spun off as Magus International Legal Office in Kawasaki.

11/24/2020 : Tokyo Office established.

4/6/2022 : Osaka Office established.

5/1/2023 : Magus Maritime Legal Office established in Osaka.