Magus International Legal Office

Bulk License

Bulk license is valid for 3 years for multiple transactions. Product should be the same one as permitted the bulk license. Once METI permitted with deeply investigate and judged, therefore the case of same product to the same country or the same consignee should be the same condition of the export. This means individual license every time with the same condition is in vain for time and judgement effort for METI. Then METI grant the bulk license at the first license, and it can be used for three years repeatedly. Once you get bulk license, you should bring the license sheet to the customs and write the license number on the invoice at the time of exporting. 

ICP means Internal Compliance Program. ICP required licence need to submit the export companies' compliance program to METI and approve it.

◇ Requirement of Bulk license ◇

■ General Bulk Export License

- Can be used for list controlled products/technologies except weapon/arm itself
- Only user for the destications for White Country (aka Group A)
- Electrical application only
- ICP is not required

■ Special General Bulk Export License

- Items with relatively low sensitivity only.
- There is a matrix chart to be used for destinations and items
- Persons who have received the internal regulations for export control and the checklist
- Have undergone on-site surveys on the implementation status of items subject to foreign currency law compliance.
- Persons who have exported goods or provided technology after conducting internal reviews based on internal regulations for export control
- Export that is a combination of cargo, technology and destination corresponding to the column marked as special general in Applendix A and B of the Guidelines for Comprehensive License Handling
- Storage of related documents is strictly required

■ Special Bulk Export License

- Permit comprehensive export only to the same counterparty

■ Special Bulk Export License for Repair or Replacemet

-In the case of exports to be returned, the cargo or technology must be in accordance with items 2 to 15 of Appendix 1 of the Export Order (Foreign Exchange Order)
- Return inclusion can return the items to the areas where special general inclusion permission is not applicable .

Applicable only when:
-When cargo exported from Japan is imported for evaluation, inspection, repair, or replacement, and then exported (performance / characteristics do not improve)
-If you want to export for return because the type, quality, quantity, etc. are the different to the ordered.
-Exports within 1 year from the date of import permission conducted free of charge for the return of goods temporarily imported for free for analysis / evaluation, etc., and (performance / characteristics not improved from the time of import) .

■ Special Bulk Export License for Overseas Subsidiaries

- Comprehensive permission to export certain items to overseas subsidiaries with 50% or more capital.