Magus International Legal Office

Export Control (FEFTA)

FEFTA (Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act) is Japanese law, the equivalent of the U.S. EAR(Export Administration Regulations), and is a security trade control regulation.

From the viewpoint of national security, Japan regulates the export of high-performance products that are deemed to be capable of producing weapons of mass destruction or military equipment.
The so-called "parameter sheet" is a document that contains the results of the determination as to whether or not the product to be exported is subject to the FEFTA regulations.
We can prepare parameter sheets and perform legal checks on parameter sheets prepared by your company. We can also assist you in considering exceptions that can be applied when you are caught by export regulations, and assist you in dealing with the relevant ministries and agencies to ensure smooth exports.

We may be able to investigate, measure, and determine the specifications of a product in our attached test lab, even if there is no specification list or detailed specifications of the product are not available.
Even if you are exporting a product whose specifications are unknown because the manufacturer has gone bankrupt, or if the product has been rejected by other companies due to lack of information, we may be able to help you. 

To learn more about FEFTA's legal scheme, please click here.


Legal check of parameter sheets : 10,000 JPY per category.

Issuance of parameter sheets : 70,000 JPY per category.

Support for export license applications, negotiations with METI and other regulatory agencies, and consultation on FEFTA are quoted on a time-charge basis.