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Lithium-ion battery and Mobile battery for PSE regulations

1. Cylinder type single cell Litium-ion battery

It is needed to display, (1) Model number, (2) Current (mAh), (3) Voltage (V), (4) PSE mark, (5) Importer name (Japanese company name), (6) Polarity, (7) Origin (made in xxx), (8) PSE mark, (9) Recycle mark (three arrow)

2. Battery inside equipment

If the lithium-ion battery cannot take out from the equipment except mobile battery, the battery is not the PSE product. But the end customer can easily take out the battery, it is PSE product. And if the battery import without equipment such as repair parts and so on, it should be the PSE product.

3. Mobile battery

If mobile battery has flush light, USB port, or jump starter function, still it is mobile battery because the jump starter circuit is locating out of the battery, and the flush light is not the main purpose of this equipment. Therefore, main purpose is to give the power to outside equipment.


This product is very similar to the previous mobile battery, but this equipment includes jump start circuit inside the equipemnt, and the jump starter cable is just calbes. Therefore, this is not mobile battery, but non-PSE product for the lithium-ion view. But this has AC/DC adaptor, this AC/DC adaptor is a Diamond PSE product.