Magus International Legal Office

Category of PSE product

Specified Electrical Appliances and Materials (Diamond PSE)


rubber-insulatedelectric wire,
synthetic resin-insulated electric wire,
cable (with a conductor cross-sectional area of 22 mm2 or less, and madeof rubber),
cable (with a conductor cross-sectional area of 22 mm2 or less, and madeof synthetic resin),
single core rubber cord ,
twisted rubber cord,
bag-punched rubber cord,
punched rubber cord,
other rubber cords,
single-core vinyl cord,
fitted vinyl cord,
bag-punched vinyl cord,
punched vinyl cord,
other vinyl cords,
single-core polyethylene cord ,
other polyethylene cord,
single core polyolefin cord (synthetic resin),
other polyolefin cord (synthetic resin),
cabtire cord (rubber),
cabtire cord (synthetic resin),
gold thread cord (synthetic resin),
rubber cabtire cable ,
vinyl cabtire cable (rubber),
vinyl cabtire cable (synthetic resin),
flame resistant polyolefins flexible cable (synthetic resin),
current fuse,
temperature fuse,
link fuse,
tubular fuse,
other packaging fuse

Example case of violation
- Plug and cable do not mark <PS>E but "UL" is marked.

This case, product shall be recalled.


middle switch,

time switch,

rotary switch,

push button switch,

pull switch,

pendant switch,

street light switch,

photoelectric automatic blinker,

other blinkers,

box opener,

float switch,

pressure switch,

controller for sewing machine,

circuit breakers,

earth leakage circuit breakers,


plug-in plugs,



cord connector bodies,

iron plugs,

plug-in fittings,


cord reels,

extension cord sets,

other plug-in connectors,

lamp receptacles,

separated plug body,

other screw connection connector,

fluorescent light socket,

fluorescent light starter socket,

branch socket,

keyless socket,

water proof socket,

key socket,

pull socket,

button socket,

other socket,

flip narrowing rosette,

hooking rosette,

other rosette,

joint box


ampere current limiter,
flat-rate current limiter


transformers for toy,
transformers for other household appliances,
transformers for electronic application equipment,
ballasts for fluorescent lamps,
ballasts for mercury lamps and other ballasts for high pressure dischargelamps,
ballasts for ozone generator


electric toilet seat,
electric thermal storage,
water supply antifreeze,
glass antifogging,
other electric heating equipment for freezing and condensation prevention,
electric water heater,
electric heating inhaler,
home thermal therapy equipment,
electric steam bath,
steam bath Electric heaters,
electric sauna baths,
electric heaters for sauna baths,
heaters for ornamental fish,
heaters for ornamental plants,
electric heating toy


electric pumps,
electric well pumps,
refrigerator showcases,
freezing showcases.
ice cream freezers,
electric massagers,
automatic washing and drying urinals,
vending machines,
electric bubble generators for bathtubs,
electric bubble generator for ornamental fish,
other electric bubble generator,
motorized toy,
electric vehicle,
game machine with motor


High frequency hairremoval machine


Magnetictherapy device,
electric shock insecticide,
power supply for electric bath,
AC/DC power supply


Portable powergenerator (using gasoline engine or other fuel, and output AC power)

Non-Specified Electrical Appliances and Materials (Circle PSE)


Fluorescentlamp electric wire (of synthetic resin),
neon electric wire (of synthetic resin),
cable (with conductor cross section exceeding 22 mm 2) (rubber),
cable (with conductor cross section exceeding 22 mm 2) ( Synthetic resin),
electric heating floor wire (rubber),
electric heating floor wire (synthetic resin),
current fuse,
cylindrical fuse,
plug-type fuse 


remote control relay,
cutout switch,
knife switch with cover,
switch for switchboard unit,
electromagnetic switch,
lighting duct,
coupling for lighting duct,
elbow for lighting duct,
tee for lighting duct,
cross for lighting duct ,
Feed ducts for lighting ducts,
end caps for lighting ducts,
plugs for lighting ducts,
adapters for lighting ducts,
other accessories for lighting ducts and connectors for lighting ducts
indicator transformers,
remote control relay transformers,
neon transformers,
burners for transformers,
voltage regulators,
sodium light ballasts,
germicidal lamp ballasts,
electric conduits,
metal tube for wires,
class 1 metal flexible conduit,
class 2 metal flexible conduit,
other metal flexible conduit,
floor duct (made of metal),
class 1 metal wire rod,
class 2 metal wire rod,
metal couplings,
metal normal bends,
metal elbows,
metal tees,
metal cloths,
metal caps,
metal connectors,
metal boxes,
metal bushings,
other metals Metal accessories for conduits and flexible conduits,
switch boxes for metallic cables,
conduits made of synthetic resin,
flexible tubes made of synthetic resin,
CD tubes made of synthetic resin,
couplings made of synthetic resin etc.
Normal bend made of synthetic resin,
elbow made of synthetic resin etc.,
connector made of synthetic resin etc.,
box made of synthetic resin etc.,
bushing made of synthetic resin etc.,
cap made of synthetic resin etc.,
other synthetic resin electric conduits or flexible electric conduits andplastic resin accessories,
plastic cable switch box


Repulsivestart induction motor,
split start induction motor,
condenser start induction motor,
condenser induction motor,
commutator motor,
shading coil induction motor,
other single phase motor,
cage type three phase induction motor,


electric heating appliance,
electric foot heater,
Electric slippers,
electric lap blankets,
electric cushion,
electric carpet,
electric seats,
electric blankets,
electric Futon,
electric bed warmer,
electric chair cover,
electric heating chairs,
electric kotatsu,
electric heater,
electric brazier,
other heating electric heaters appliances,
electric toasters,
electric oven,
electric fish oven,
electric roasters,
microwave oven,
electric cookstove,
electric sausage cookers,
waffle irons,
electric Takoyaki Burners,
electric hot plates,
electric frying pans,
electric rice cookers,
electric jars,
electric pot,
electric fryer,
electric egg boiler,
electric warming tray,
electric warming rack,
electric milk warmer,
electric kettle,
electric coffee urn,
electric tea urn,
electric SAKE warmer,
electric heating container with water,
electric steamer,
electric induction cooker (IH cooking heater),
any other heating appliances for cooking,
shaving water heater,
electric hair iron,
electric hair curlers,
hair humidifiers,
other electric heating devices for barbers,
electric heating knives,
electric dissolvers,
electric baking furnaces,
electric soldering irons,
iron heaters,
other electric heating devices for work and crafts,
towel steamers,
electric sterilizer (Electric heating),
electric hot water presser,
immersion heater,
electric instantaneous water heater,
photo development thermostat,
electric heating board,
electric heating sheet,
electric heating mat,
electric dryer,
electric presser,
electric nursery cabinet,
electric egg incubator,
electric grower,
electric iron,
electric sewing machine,
electric bonder,
electric incense burner,
electric fumigation and insecticide,
electric moxa cautery equipment 


electric refrigerator,
electric freezer,
electric ice machine,
electric water cooler,
air compressor,
electric a potter's wheel,
electric sewing machine,
electric pencil grinding machine,
electric mixer,
electric scissor,
electric bug catcher,
electric grass mower,
electric grass trimming machine,
electric lawn mower,
electric threshing machine,
electric milling machine,
electric straw hitting machine,
electric straw damper,
electric straw twist machine for making a rope,
egg selection machine,
egg washing machine,
gardening electric cultivator,
kelp processing machine,
dried cuttlefish processing machine,
juice mixer,
food mixer,
electric noodle machine,
electric rice cake machine,
coffee grinder,
electric can opener,
electric meat grinder,
electric meat cutter,
electric bread cutter,
electric dried bonito shaver,
electric ice shaver,
electric rice washing machine,
vegetable washing machine,
electric dishwasher,
rice milling machine,
Hoji-tea making machine,
packaging machine,
packing machine,
electric table clock,
electric hanging clock,
automatic photo printing device,
automatic photo printing water washing machine,
business printing machine,
address printing machine,
time recorder,
time stamper,
electric typewriter,
document sorter,
document shredder,
electric cutter,
paper stitching machine,
numbering machine,
check writer,
coin counter,
bill counting machine,
label tag machine,
laundry finishing machines,
laundry folding machines,
wet hand towel rolling machines,
wet hand towel wrapping machines,
vending machines (except for Specified Electrical Appliances andMaterials),
money exchanger,
barber chairs,
electric toothbrushes,
electric brushes,
hair dryers,
electric razors,
electric hair clippers,
electric nail polisher,
other electric power applied machine tools for barber,
ventilation fan,
electric cooler,
electric cold air blower,
electric dehumidifier,
fan coil unit,
convector unit with fan,
warm air heater,
electric warm air machine,
electric humidifier,
air cleaner,
electric deodorizer,
electric aroma diffuser,
electric vacuum cleaner,
electric record cleaner,
electric blackboard eraser cleaner,
other electric dust collector,
electric floor polisher,
electric shoe polisher,
washing machine for sports equipment or entertainment equipment,
electric washing machine,
electric dehydrator,
electric dryer,
electric musical instrument,
electric music box,
electric grinder,
electric drill,
electric planer,
electric saw,
electric screw driver,
electric sander,
electric polisher,
electric metal cutting machine,
electric hand shear,
electric grooving machine,
electric square chisel machine,
electric tube cleaner,
electric scaling machines,
electric tapping machines,
electric nut runners,
electric blade sharpeners,
other electric tools,
electric fountains,
electric sprayers,
electric inhalers,
finger pressure substitutes,
other household electric power treatment devices for home use,
electric gaming board,
electric hot water circulation pump for bathtub


photographic printer,
micro film reader,
slide projector,
overhead projector,
reflective projector,
electronic flash,
photo enlarger,
lamp house for photo enlarger,
incandescent lamp,
fluorescent lamp,
ELD lamp,
desk lamp ,
drop-type household fluorescent lamps,
hand lamps,
garden lamps,
decorative lamps,
other incandescent lamps,
other discharge lamps,
LED lighting equipment,
advertising lights (including digital signage systems),
egg incubator,
electric disinfector (sterilization light),
home light therapy device,
rechargeable portable light,
copier machine


electronic clock,
electronic desk calculator,
electronic cash register,
electronic refrigerator,
electronic instrumental devices,
radio receiver,
tape recorder,
record player,
other audio equipment,
video tape recorder,
magnetic eraser,
television receiver (Including LCD monitor, projector),
television receiver booster,
high frequency welder,
microwave oven,
ultrasonic rat remover,
ultrasonic humidifier,
ultrasonic cleaning machine,
electronic application gaming equipment,
household treatment device using low frequency wave,
household treatment device using ultrasonic,
household treatment device using ultrashort wave


furniture with light,
furniture with outlet,
furniture with other electric machines,
electric pencil,
electrical leakage detector,
security alarm,
arc welder,
noise suppressor,
medical treatment substance generator,
household electric potential treatment device ,
electric refrigerator (absorption type),
power supply device for electric fence


Lithium-ion secondary battery (rechargeable battery),
Mobile battery using lithium-ion battery